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Our training sessions are designed to help your team understand the key concepts of AI and how it can be used in your industry. We provide hands-on training and real-world examples to help your team get up to speed quickly.

Customized AI training

Discover the practical applications of AI in your specific industry, and learn how to implement them in your daily operations.

Automation, Agile & digital marketing

Before diving into AI, it's important to have a solid foundation. Learn how to automate repetitive tasks and use digital tools to increase productivity & sales.

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Choose between remote or on-site training sessions to fit your team's schedule and preferences. We can also provide a hybrid solution, combining both remote and on-site training.

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Besides introducing your team to AI concepts, and providing them with tools & resources, we can also directly help you implement AI solutions & strategies in your business.

Latest: AI in communication for 24/7

24/7 Communication is an established strategic communications firm that has been in operation for over 20 years. They support industry-leading brands like Coca-Cola, T-mobile, Novo Nordisk or McDonald's, helping them develop their communication strategies and execute them.

For the exact needs of 24/7 Communication, we have created an intensive 2-day training covering the key aspects of AI in strategic communication industry and how it can be used in their daily operations.



Our goal was to equip the team at 24/7 Communications with the AI tools and knowledge they needed to enhance their PR strategies and stay ahead in their field. We focused on making their everyday tasks more efficient and keeping them up-to-date with the latest in AI technology.

Training Development

We kicked things off with a proposed agenda, which we fine-tuned in an online meeting to align perfectly with their needs. Our plan prioritized practical learning, making sure everything taught could be directly applied to their PR work.

Training Highlights

Over two days, we covered several important topics:

Introduction to Prompting: We covered why good prompts matter, how to create them, and shared specific examples from the PR world.

AI Assistants and Custom GPTs: We went through how to build AI assistants and their operating principles.

Using ChatGPT with Internet Access: This included what the tool can and can’t do, analyzing real-time information, monitoring competitors, and looking into influencer activities.

AI-Driven Analysis: Participants learned to use AI for identifying risks from past data, creating risk analysis reports, and evaluating project-specific risks.

Image Generation with AI: We introduced tools like Midjourney, discussing its features, how to structure prompts, and tips for creating visuals.

Advanced AI Analysis: This involved spotting potential issues, forecasting financials, using predictive models, and summarizing article insights.

Text Formatting and Modification: The training also included techniques for enhancing text presentation and visual data display.

Questions and personalized advice: We made sure to include some time for participants to ask questions and describe their everyday issues that we can solve using AI.


The feedback was fantastic:

  • Skill Enhancement: The team now has the AI skills to improve their PR operations significantly and work more efficiently. After the training, we also provided them with all of the materials and presentations.
  • Participant Satisfaction: Everyone found the training useful, with 100% saying they’d recommend it to others in the industry. 82% of the participants rated the quality of presented knowledge and materials 7/7 and 22% rated it 6/7. The rest of the NPS poll results are visible in the gallery above.


The AI training for 24/7 Communications was a great success. We're proud of how engaged and satisfied everyone was, and confident these new skills will make a big difference in their work.