AI Transformation: A guide to implementing AI in your business

Who is this guide for?

If you are reading this, I assume that you do not need convincing about the revolution unfolding before our eyes due to artificial intelligence.

Likewise, I probably don't need to list all the implications AI will have for business and the economy.

You also don't need my help to imagine what will happen to companies that do not implement this breakthrough technology while their competition does.

You are likely already tired of generalities about the uses of artificial intelligence in business. You know that it can help in marketing, customer service, data analysis, and many other aspects.

The internet is full of clichés, dramatic forecasts, and generic advice. I am fed up with it too.

That's why I created this guide and dedicate it to a very specific group of people.

So, this guide is for you if:

  1. You are convinced that artificial intelligence is the future
  2. You know that a race has started and that your competition is aware of it too
  3. You realize the risk to your business if your competition undergoes an AI transformation first, not your company
  4. You want to start implementing AI but are not sure where to start
  5. You are tired of generic advice and need specifics

So, if you view artificial intelligence as just another trend and a bubble that will soon burst and pass, or if you are just looking for general information about it - this material is probably not for you.

But if you are determined and came here for the proverbial "meat" - you've come to the right place.

What is this guide specifically about?

Above all, we will focus here on specific solutions and specific tools. This means that if I discuss AI in accounting, I won't leave you with a general description of how great artificial intelligence helps manage documents in a company, but instead, I will step-by-step present you with a real example on a specific invoice and a specific tool, so you can closely examine the entire process and the final result.

This approach will allow you to most effectively assess the usefulness of a given solution and adapt it to the needs of your company, and then implement it.

The topics we will cover during this journey include:

  1. Creating a corporate knowledge base and data source for AI
  2. AI in accounting and document management
  3. AI in customer support
  4. AI in sales and sales support
  5. AI in marketing
  6. AI in SEO
  7. AI in content creation
  8. AI in management
  9. AI in the analysis of corporate data and forecasting
  10. AI in competitor analysis and network monitoring
  11. Utilizing various data sources - from popular tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Sheets, to advanced enterprise tools, known as ERPs
  12. Automating reports with the help of AI
  13. Automating processes with the help of AI
  14. Automating translations with the help of AI
  15. Automating HR processes with the help of AI
  16. AI support in corporate communication and information flow
  17. AI support in cultivating corporate values and team motivation

Who is the author?

The author, that is, me :) To avoid boring you and to move on to more significant matters swiftly, I will introduce myself in brief, succinct terms.

First and foremost, I am a co-founder of the technology company MDBootstrap - a platform and a set of specialized tools dedicated to developers, allowing them to code faster, better, and more efficiently.

Over 8 years of building MDBootstrap, we have:

  • sold our product to over 100 countries (with the USA being our main market)
  • gained several million users
  • acquired clients such as:
    • NASA (yes, the NASA - the American space agency)
    • NATO (yes, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
    • Samsung
    • Nike
    • Amazon
    • Ikea
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Sony
    • Airbus
    • ...and many other well-known brands
  • reached the top universities around the world, such as:
    • Harvard
    • MIT
    • Stanford
    • ...and many other prestigious universities
  • made it onto Forbes' "30 Under 30" list with my business partner
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We started just the two of us, in the proverbial garage.

We never had any external funding, entirely maintaining and developing ourselves from what the company earned.

Despite this (or maybe thank to this?) we were profitable from the start, and our business has never incurred a loss, although we operated in an incredibly competitive market, with rivals including giants like Google or Facebook, who offered similar solutions for free.

And yet, we built a company that today is our pride. How did we manage it? Certainly not because of our extraordinary skills. We consider ourselves more as sensible average people.

Our main advantage was the efficient use of artificial intelligence, automating everything possible, and quickly adapting all technological innovations that could improve our work.

I'm not telling you this out of sheer vanity. I want you to understand the immense possibilities proper use of new technologies offers (especially breakthrough ones like artificial intelligence). With them, your company can compete with much larger businesses than yours.

Perhaps you will face a Goliath, but he will be armed with a sword, and you, David, thanks to artificial intelligence, will have a rifle in hand.

We have leveraged our experience in practical application of artificial intelligence in business by creating the product CogniVis AI and a separate company AIFor.Biz, which helps implement AI in business.

What next?

Enough of this preliminary talk. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get down to specifics.

Michal Szymanski
About author
Michal Szymanski

Co Founder at MDBootstrap , CogniVis AI and AIFor.Biz / Listed in Forbes „30 under 30" / EOer / Open-source and AI enthusiast / Dancer, nerd & bookworm.

Author of hundreds of articles on AI, programming, UI/UX design, business, marketing and productivity. In the past, an educator working with troubled youth in orphanages and correctional facilities.