AI examples

AI-powered Knowledge Base

An easy-to-use document system powered by AI, allowing your team to effortlessly create, manage, and utilize even large knowledge resources.

AI Generators - a better way to create content

Dive into the future of content creation with AI. Embrace the efficiency and precision of AI Generators, which offer streamlined interfaces for generating high-quality, consistent content tailored to your needs.

Company's internal super search engine powered by AI

AI-powered internal search engine can revolutionize how employees access information within the company, drastically improving productivity

AI in Microsoft SharePoint

Discover how Microsoft SharePoint integrates AI to revolutionize business workflows and enhance productivity - from intelligent document processing to advanced search capabilities and many more.

On-premise AI solutions

On-premise AI solutions offer enhanced data security, full control over data management, and freedom from vendor dependency, ensuring greater autonomy and protection.

AI in corporate communication

Discover how AI is transforming corporate communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and efficiency in the workplace.

AI-enhanced text editor

AI-enhanced text editors improve content creation by offering advanced features such as content generation, improving writing, summarizing,translating and many more.

Business contract risk analysis with AI

AI-powered contract risk analysis identifies legal risks, inconsistencies and vulnerabilities in business contracts, streamlining review and reducing costs.